25 February 2012

Links To Two Sci-Fi Short Stories

I've always been a fan of science fiction, and lately, I've become more interested in sci fi short stories.

Stories where humans are the more aggressive, clever, and warlike than the aliens are always amusing. I guess they are a form of self-flattery. Of course, if we ever do discover life in the universe, I doubt that humans would be the most anything. I suppose reality would be more like that envisioned by Stanislaw Lem. In his stories, alien life is so truly alien, that it is difficult to even understand if it is alive, and is usually impossible to communicate with, or nearly impossible.

Here are two oldies but goodies that I enjoy, and hope you find entertaining.

The first, is an older short story called Rescue Party by Arthur C. Clark. From 1946, it is a classic. If you've never read it before, check it out.

The second is The Road Not Taken by Harry Turtledove. From 1983, the story is one of Mr. Turtledove's earlier works, and is a bit rough around the edges, particularly some of the dialogue. But the concept is so absurd and surprising that this early work, from an author that has become one of the great writers of alternative history, is worth reading.

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