24 February 2012

Complexity Favors the Establishment

From Reason: Distorting the Economy Is the Whole Point
Distorting the economy is not ... an unwanted side effect of Obama's proposals; it is his avowed aim, because he thinks he knows how resources should be distributed better than the market does.
As long as we have leaders with this kind of overblown faith in their own knowledge, wisdom, and competence, we will have "a tax system that's a complex, inefficient, and loophole-riddled mess."

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Agis said...

I respectfully suggest that this is not a matter of social engineering versus "letting the market decide." The Whigs have always opposed the concentration of power in the executive branch, but they have also opposed the concentration of power in the hands of corporations. Therefore, "market forces" can lead us to tyranny just as easily as an overreaching president can.