17 November 2010

The Medal Of Honor

This is a cool story. Staff Sgt. Salvatore Giunta has been awarded the Medal of Honor. In 9 years of war, this is only the 8th Medal of Honor awarded, and the first to a living recipient.

On Oct. 25, 2007, then-Specialist Giunta and his team were on a mountain ridge in Afghanistan's violent Korengal Valley when they were ambushed by the Taliban. He took a bullet stopped by a protective vest as he helped pull one soldier to safety. Then he went forward to help the sergeant, Joshua Brennan, who had been walking point. Two Taliban were carrying Sgt. Brennan away. Spec. Giunta shot the Taliban and brought Sgt. Brennan back. Sgt Brennan later died of his wounds.

Giunta's humble nature make this an even more amazing story. This is the type of character we should be looking for in our elected officials.

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