15 November 2010

Drugs Are Bad

Lee Renfro did more than illegally enter the Port Angeles Coast Guard base earlier this year. Undetected, the Navy veteran made it past a second watch shack on March 28, then boarded the 210 foot Coast Guard Cutter Active.
Renfro strolled into the Active's commanding officer's stateroom, took a
shower -- and smoked marijuana he had carried onto the cutter. He was
apprehended three hours later while still on the vessel, according to a Coast
Guard report. Coast Guard personnel described Renfro as being "confused
and incoherent".

On March 31, three days after he breached security at the Coast Guard base and boarded the Active, Renfro, 32, was found dead several miles away. An autopsy revealed Renfro died of hypothermia.

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