16 November 2010

Charles Rangel: Guilty

As I'm sure you've heard, Charles Rangel has been found guilty of House ethics violations. No big surprise. Also no big surprise is the "Charlie Rangel Show". What an ass. He obviously manages his legal and business affairs as "sloppy" (his word) as his finances. This is the guy who chaired the Ways and Means Committee which is charged with creating tax legislation. The idea that this was all a matter of sloppy book keeping doesn't smell well.

My question is, why the dog and pony show? Obviously that's all this is for Charlie. Show up for the cameras like a peacock, proclaim to be the cheated, abused victim and then leave in protest. Whatever happened to dignity? If you have no respect for yourself that's one thing but have some respect for the House and for the process. Take your lumps and get on with the next thing.

It's funny, nobody forgives Brett Favre for hanging on too long. Why does Charlie Rangel get a pass? Is there no one more qualified in Harlem? Of course there are; thousands probably. They just don't have the connections to get elected.

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