06 July 2010

Homeowner Finds Naked Man Asleep On Sofa

It happens to me all the time.
A San Diego resident awoke to a shocking discovery: a naked stranger passed out
on his downstairs sofa.
San Diego police Lt. Jim Filley says the Pacific Beach homeowner called police after wandering downstairs Sunday morning and finding the snoring man.
Filley says the naked man was drunk and thought he was in his own home in Mission Valley, some 20 miles away.
The man, whose name wasn't released, had taken off his clothes outside the house and walked in through the unlocked front door.

Story reported here. You can tell this wasn't in Texas. In Texas there definitely would have been gunplay.

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Anonymous said...


3rd parties have ALWAYS been on a roll, it is just unfortunate that most people
seriously listened to the sold out mainstream media when they kept repeating
that a 3rd party vote was a wasted vote. A vote for whoever the establishment
threw out there has actually been the wasted vote since its a vote for the
lesser of 2 evils, both set in place to appease the false left AND right paradigm.
Please wake up, America!
Comment by WeAreChange San Francisco — June 4, 2010

Ever have some thing [home, car, meal, friend] that looked good at first but
smelled more and more as you learned the details the less shiny the glow ????
What a difference a year makes! After coming off as Ms Wonderful, Chelene Ward
Nightingale as morphed into ‘Nightmare’ Nightingale!

Citizens For A Better Veterans Home