06 July 2010

Beware of your decadence

That's right. You better keep it high and tight and don't use too much mousse.

In the Islamic Republic of Iran, the personal is political. No more so than in the issue of personal appearance.
The imposition of headscarves is deeply resented by more liberal-minded women. Now the government is tightening up on men's hair as well.
The Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance has published a guide to men's hairstyles. Short, neat hair is approved; ponytails are definitely not.
The styles are to be showcased in a "modesty and veil" conference later this month.
On the streets of Tehran, you often see young men with the most extravagant, outrageous, hairstyles.

Huge bouffant quiffs that must take hours of loving care.

They are clearly intended as an unspoken act of rebellion against a government that bans many of the pleasures young people enjoy, including public displays of affection
or Western pop music.

And it isn't just the men. If a woman is dressed inappropriately, she can be addressed by any passing male and if she argues, she can be taken to the police station. The article continues here.

These are the same nutbags attempting to amass nuclear weapons.

I guess to his credit, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has actually argued that it is not the government's place to mandate dress codes. However, I think that is only to bolster his popularity.