28 June 2010

Why Is The Merger Of The American Centrist Party And The Modern Whig Party Important?

From a comment by Lance Duncan over at Poli-Tea:

J.R. Bale, NJ Chairman of the ACP, had this to say about the merger:

Why is this merger important?

With a National Debt that has escalated under both major parties, Americans must find another party to bring common sense and fiscal restraint to government. With special interests legally bribing politicians with campaign contributions, Americans must find a party that demonstrates a higher integrity.

Uniting centrists and moderates is essential to bringing the United States back from the partisan tribal warfare that has afflicted our country.The Modern Whig Party is now closer to helping bring sanity to government.

Now let's add to Whig membership. Join today.


Solomon Kleinsmith said...

I realize that you folks must be busy with the merger and whatnot... but I've emailed both the national membership account, as well as the regional email address for Nebraska, AND got some other commenter from another blog to forward a message to someone higher up... and no response.

The national site really is outdated. I'd like to help fix that. Potentially a lot more... as I can't seem to find a decent campaign to get behind here locally... but I'm not impressed with organization so far.

Lance S. Duncan said...

@Solomon Kleinsmith: If you still wish to contact the party, then I recommend contacting Andrew Evans, the new Vice Chair of the Whig Party, at chair@americancentristparty.net

Mr. Evans still uses that e-mail to date, and he has responded to me within three days each time that I've contacted him there.

Solomon Kleinsmith said...

Thanks. I'll email him now.

Independent USA said...

@Solomon Kleinsmith,
I am looking forward to your email. The MWP has a city council member in Nebraska who lead the ACP effort in Nebraska. He will lead the MWP effort in Nebraska. We do need your help on the website. We have grand plans to make the website have all the tools for a member to get involved. The website will be the hub to connect people online, to connect on the ground and get active.
Andrew Evans
National Vice Chairman
Modern Whig Party