28 June 2010

Only time for brief comments today...

The biggest news was the Supreme Court's decisions on gun rights. Of course, we should all be pleased at the outcome, but I find the 5-4 vote disturbing and dissapointing.

Four justices would deprive citizens of a clearly stated right -- well, does the Constitution mean what it says, or doesn't it?

Interesting to see the decision discussed by those commentators who recently would have called you an extremist for asserting that an individual has the right to keep and bear arms.

The city of Chicago makes in interesting case study, doesn't it? I mean if you can't look at the crime in that city and admit that strict gun control is a failure all around, you demonstrate that you are willing to ignore that facts in front of you when they don't fit your notion of how the world should work.

Next up today was Senator Byrd's death. Oh, spare me the homilies. It is no wonder that he is so lauded by fellow politicians. The man was a entrenched political operative that bought his popularity with other people's money, setting an example for other politicians that no one should emulate, but which they all seek to copy.

I was surprised that NPR at least discussed his KKK past, which most of the media ignores.

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