15 June 2010

Capitol Visitor's Center Shows Congressional Contempt for the People

"In the summer because of the heat and high humidity, you could literally smell the tourists coming into the Capitol." -- Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid

While in Washington last week, I got to experience the Capitol Visitor's Center that Harry Reid thinks so much of. It was completed in December 2008, at a cost of over $650 million, four years behind schedule and $350 million over budget.

If you ever wondered what Congress thinks of the people to whom they owe their power, privileges, and good fortune, here it is. Apparently Congress thinks the public is violent, dangerous, needs to be controlled, and should be neither seen nor heard.

No joke, a guy in the long line next to me started mooing at one point.

The tour offered is short, unsatisfying, and perfunctory. Nearly all of our Capitol is off limits, to be enjoyed only by those who think so very little of us. The arrogance and waste of money that this control center represents speak volumes about the degenerate state of our Congress.

Even worse are the closed streets and ubiquitous security near the palatial House and Senate office buildings. Congress seems to be scared of their own shadow. Meanwhile, dozens and dozens of black Suburbans idle outside, waiting our whisk away our would-be aristocracy, while inside, staffers try to figure out new ways to fleece us.

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