15 June 2010

The Black Screen of Death

My laptop died a couple of weeks ago. I had a planned vacation to Washington, D.C. last week, and was going to blog from there.

But my two year old laptop is down for the count, and tonight I'm back on Ol' Wheezy, my six year old Dell, running Windows XP, hooked back up and still ready to go. That's my reliable computer! What is wrong with this picture?

The short lived computer was a Fujitsu running Vista. I started having problems soon after I bought it, and was never very happy with it. It was expensive, too. An expensive piece of crap.

You already knew Vista was garbage. Fujitsu computers are no better.

I'll be back on Wheezy for a while. But I've had it with Windows. I have decided to bite the bullet and get an Mac the next time. Hopefully, by this fall.

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