18 May 2010

Texas Governor Rick Perry Lives It Up At Your Expense

Texas Watchdog: Public records reveal Rick Perry's $700 coat rack and the governor's pricey living expenses

Hope you like that $700 coat rack the governor uses. After all, you paid for it.Texas taxpayers have shelled out almost $600,000 in the past two years in rent and other living expenses for Gov. Rick Perry's mansion in West Austin.

Along with the $700 coat rack, Root writes, there's the grand the gov (or, we assume, his wife or someone working for him) plunked down for window dressings from Neiman Marcus and $70 for two years of Food and Wine magazine.

The irony, though, is that all this spending is being revealed at a time when the state has looming financial problems -- big looming financial problems, as in a shortfall of $11 billion with a B. (That number could go as high as $18 billion, the Texas Observer reported today.)

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Anonymous said...

No third term for this rino, he is no conservative.