06 May 2010

So While I'm Navel Gazin' Look What Happens ...

Ah, jeeez. I drop out for a couple of months, and I miss Time Magazine listing the Modern Whig Party as one of the Top 10 Alternative Political Movements! They even got a picture of our owl. Awesome.

Recently a Modern Whig Party has begun to take shape, spearheaded by veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan.

According to its website, the party "came out of a long hibernation to restore the power to the people and to internally improve America's socioeconomic system."

They're back!

Yeah, sure, some may view this as a way of trying to bring the Tea Partiers down a notch because they dared mention us in the same story (because -- you know -- all must be placed into a left/right framework -- sigh), but still, I'll take whatever publicity we can find.

I know, I know, this is yesterday's news, (by which I mean six weeks ago) but I have been in a hole in the ground for three months!

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