09 May 2010

Sign the Petition To Vote On Red Light Cameras in Houston

I have never gotten a ticket from a red light camera. But I am very uncomfortable with the idea that my government is placing me under surveillance in the hope that I will break the law so they can make some money. There is an effort to get the issue of red light cameras before Houston voters this November.

Many believe the City of Houston should discontinue the use of red light cameras. If you agree and are a registered voter in the City Of Houston, then click here to get information about the petition to get this issue before the voters. Here is a link to the group: Citizens Against Red Light Cameras.

Meanwhile, in an apparent effort to balance the city budget, Houston Police are writing a record high number of speeding tickets.

Citizens should not be a resource to be mined for more tax revenue.


Anonymous said...

If you don't run red lights the cameras don't have any impact on you and free up police to work on other criminals

Anonymous said...

The studies show that the cameras reduce the most dangerous side impact collisions.