11 May 2010

Oh, A Bit Longer. Maybe.

Real Clear Markets: Are the Greek Riots a Picture of Our Future?

How many million unionists are we expected to carry on our public payrolls?

How long can we keep government employees on defined-benefit pension plans while the rest of us scramble to fund our 401(k)s?

How many more people are we going to drop from the income tax rolls as we lean on a smaller and smaller slice of citizens to carry an ever greater percentage of the load, leaving the rest free to vote for tax increases?

How large a swath of our population can we pretend to keep supplied with newly manufactured economic rights like free healthcare as Social Security and Medicare careen toward insolvency?

How much more do we think we can borrow from the Chinese to fund day-to-day government operations?

How long do we think we can afford to police the world?

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