13 May 2010

Entrenched Parties Failing

Via Poli-Tea, this from Ranger's Arrows:

The Duopoly is so entrenched in its interests that it does not care for the will of the people. It does not interest itself in representing voters. It only cares for its perpetuation, damn the consequences to the country.

We have a broken Social Security system, a broken health care system, an economy destroying legacy of entitlement programs, and neither party has the spine, the will, nor the intellect ... to actually address the fundamental issues that very likely will destroy our Republic if they are not addressed.

Without a third, and even fourth party that is ideologically driven and holds the Duopoly to account for failing to listen to the people, these issues will not be addressed, and the concerns for the Founders regarding the death of the American experiment may yet be realized.

Because unlike companies in the eyes of Washington, nations cannot get too big to fail. Rome was larger, it fell. The sun didn't set on the British Empire, now it doesn't rise on it. Nations rise and fall; and only the will of the American people can prevent the inexorable tide of history from having its way.

If expediency is all you care about, then the Duopoly suits you fine. But expediency's only defense is, "we won."

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