12 May 2010

Cost Estimate Skyrockets for Obama Health Care Reform

If you were paying close attention, this shouldn't be too surprising. The Democrats played a lot of games with the legislation to keep the CBO costs estimates down. Now that the legislation has passed, the cost estimates are being revised, up, up, up.

Fraud, lies, gamesmanship, whatever you want to call it. Real, effective health care reform would have reduced costs (which we needed -- and still need). But this wasn't real health care reform. It was simply and mostly, and expansion of already existing programs, with some slight of hand thrown it to make it look like it would cost less than it doesn. We are looking over the edge of a cliff.

Politico: CBO ups health care cost projections

Congressional Budget Office estimates released Tuesday predict the health care overhaul will likely cost about $115 billion more in discretionary spending over ten years than the original cost projections.

The additional spending — if approved over the years by Congress — would bring the total estimated cost of the overhaul to over $1 trillion.

The Congressional Budget Office expects the federal agencies to spend $10 billion to $20 billion over 10 years on administrative costs to implement the overhaul. The CBO expects Congress to spend an additional $105 billion over 10 years to fund discretionary programs in the overhaul.


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