24 May 2010

Concerns Of Political Class Out Of Sync

To me, there are three big stories right now:
  • First: The catastrophe of the Gulf oil spill, which is making be more angry and frustrated by the day. BP's efforts to downplay the problem irritates me even more. The blame game is even more frustrating. What is needed is some real leadership. It is becoming increasingly clear that they were operating without any backup, and have little idea how to stop the biggest environmental disaster of our generation (so far).

  • Second: North Korea. Once upon a time, their attack would have been seen as an act of war. Now, the chances of a full-blown war are still remote, but it illustrates how rational, civilized nations can be held hostage by the irrational and desperate. A few years back, two American servicemen tragically and accidentally ran over and killed two South Korean schoolgirls during a military exercise. The result was anti-American protests, and much vitriol directed at the U.S.A.

    Now, the North Koreans intentionally attacked and killed 46 Korean sailors, and the response from the South Korean public is muted.

    Now of course, it is because the South Koreans realized what is at stake. Not just their prosperity, but their lives are at risk. But doing nothing, or too little, will surely embolden the North Koreans?

  • Third, the financial problems with the Euro and European debt are still at risk of spreading. Not good. This has the potential for some serious economic disruption. Hopefully, someone in charge in Washington will wake up and see the problems that come from running up too much debt. But I doubt it.

So I turn on the TV tonight, and what are the talking heads discussing? The Democratic Congressional nominee Sestak was offered a job at the White House as a lure for him to drop his run against Specter. This is the most important problem to our media and political class?

You have got to be kidding me.

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