05 March 2010

Would A Multi-Party Senate Even Need A Filibuster?

Back on 26 Feb, I speculated that with multiple parties, Congress would actually be better place to fulfill its consitutional functions, by being more independent of the executive, and better able to pass legislation. (See We Need To End The Two Party Zero Sum Game In Congress)

There is a lot of consternation about the filibuster in Congress, it set me to thinking -- would the filibuster even be needed in a muli-party Senate? The idea behind the filibuster is to keep the majority from running completely over a minority in the Senate.

But in a muli-party situation, with no clear majority, and with coalitions made and broken depending on the issue and the proposed legislation, the institutional need for a filibuster would be lessened.

Or would it? I will need to give this some thought ...

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