01 March 2010

Venezuela Funding Terrorist Groups, Supplying Cocaine, Heading Into Communist Insanity

In spite of Chavez, I have always still thought of Venezuela as a fairly benign place, probably because of their history, the beauty of the country, and all of the baseball players from there. (Check out this article on Venezuela titled "The Triumph of Democracy" and this one describing sedate politics and a national commitment to democracy both dated December 1990!)

But Chavez, of course, is not acting alone. He was cheered to power by a nation that has lost its mind. Venezuela was apparently chock-a-block full of disgusting, thuggish, American-hating, terrorist-supporting lefty lunatics that despised Western civilization.

I understand that democratic politics in Venezuela may have been corrupt and ineffective, but damn, what is it now? What has happened in that country that has caused them to think like this?

El Universal: UN report says that most of cocaine entering Western Europe comes from Venezuela
"According to the World Customs Organization, most of the cocaine entering Western Europe has been smuggled out of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela", said the independent agency within the United Nations International Drug Control Program, monitoring the implementation of UN drug control conventions.
El Universal: "Trying to revive socialism is quite insane"

"Trying to revive socialism; repeating something that failed already is quite insane; history has empirically shown that it is unfeasible, and theoretically, as it worked, is also unfeasible."

Unfeasibility of socialist economies stems from the "allocation of most goods by an administrative establishment where producers feel not forced to compete among them; the direct control of companies by the party and its political sections, and the lack of political democracy and freedom in all senses."

If, as you said, any attempt to revive socialism is insane, why, in your opinion, the country has fallen into such stage of madness?

Fidel Castro transferred it to Hugo Chávez; his influence is terrible because Chávez is in love with Fidel. There is also a very basic mindset; thinking that we have to espouse socialism to remove profit, gain, and attain happiness; hence, the need of a hyper-leader, the nonexpendable redeemer. Stalin felt like that no matter the crimes he committed.

Hugo Chávez has started to quote Karl Marx. Speaking of the labor theory of value, the surplus value stolen by businessmen from workers, makes any sense?

A third of century ago, it was proven that the labor theory of value is false. According to this theory by Marx, the value of things comes from labor; this turned out to be false, because the value of things actually comes from their usefulness, shortage. Therefore, such idea, according to which the worker produces the gain and the capitalist exploits him by appropriating it, is false. Nowadays, we know that exploitation is inherent in any system where there are differences or inequalities in terms of any kind of supply available to individuals.

What could happen if the government wins the election scheduled for September and retains the control over the National Assembly?

If the government wins in the upcoming election, collapse, insanity, will speed up.

BBC: Venezuela 'helped Eta and Farc plot against Uribe'

A Spanish judge has accused the Venezuelan government of assisting two rebel groups who plotted to kill Colombia's President Alvaro Uribe.

Judge Eloy Velasco charged six members of Basque separatist group Eta and seven members of Colombian rebel group Farc with various offences.
He said he believed Farc had asked for Eta's help in a plot to kill Colombian officials in Spain, including Mr Uribe.

He said the two groups benefited from "Venezuelan government co-operation".

In a 26-page indictment Mr Velasco said an investigation launched in 2008 has turned up evidence "that demonstrates Venezuelan governmental cooperation in the illicit collaboration between Farc and Eta".

Both groups are listed as terrorist organisations by the US and EU.

More here: The Cubanization of Venezuela

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