17 March 2010

Third Straight Change Election Is Coming

The Hill: Populist rage

I am one of the 300 million Americans who are not allowed to know what happened in the backroom meetings we are not allowed to attend.

There is a populist rage in the land, a rage I share when I see factories shut down, jobs destroyed and homes foreclosed while those who brought our country to a near-depression make millions of dollars, hire lobbyists to promote their greed and attend closed meetings with a Congress in the grip of special interests and a president who compares bank CEOs to baseball players and says they deserve huge bonuses because they are shrewd businessmen.

There is a populist rage in the land. The 2010 elections will be won by those who express it, but the price of victory at the polls will be integrity in public office.

Voters aren’t stupid. Polyester populism will fool no one in November.

We are a nation of voters who believe we have been played for suckers once too often. We are madder than hell. The president, his chief of staff and both parties in Washington continue business as usual and ignore this overwhelming public revulsion at their peril.

President Obama and Democrats in Washington need to have a serious heart-to-heart discussion about what went so dramatically wrong after two great mandate elections in 2006 and 2008.

Realignment is dead. 2009 was wasted. The landslide mandate was lost. Virtually nothing in Washington has changed. The populist rage that brought down Republicans now threatens both the Democratic majority in Congress and Republican incumbents who fail to realize that populist anger is coming for them, too.

The third straight change election is coming, and nobody in Washington is safe.

The fellow that wrote the above is Brent Budowsky, who was an aide to former Sen. Lloyd Bentsen and Bill Alexander, then chief deputy majority whip of the House. He is right, except he leaves out one thing, probably due to his background.

It is that there will be no real change with the current crop of Democrats and Republicans in Washington.


d.eris said...

Hey Septimus, this is off-topic, but I'm trying to put together a small campaign to pressure polling organizations to include more third party and independent candidates in their surveys. First target: Rasmussen. Think the Whigs would support?

Septimus said...

That is a good idea! Yes, I think the Whigs would support that.