04 March 2010

"Republicans Have Remained Amazingly Unredeemed."

The Hill: Tea Party to take over

Most political analysts have been speculating over the imminent death of the Democratic Party. They cite the similarities to 1994 ...

Voters [in 1994] perceived that Republicans had something to offer, and Democrats did little to counter that perception. They were fighting a defensive battle, trying to argue things were not as bad as they seemed.

Today’s Republican Party does not seem to be able to pull that off. The ranting about President Barack Obama’s secret socialist agenda and the rise of spokesmen like Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck — obvious ideologues appealing to a narrow segment of the party — have served to define the party as right-wing.

“Republicans have remained amazingly unredeemed,” [pollster Greenberg] says. Unlike Gingrich and Dole, who gained stature with every battle, Republicans today look like a cult.

Ken Feltman surprisingly shares this view, comparing where the party is today to the Whigs in the 1850s.

If Obama is able to make the case that he and the Democrats are making a better life for real people while Republicans simply want to stop any change that affects the status quo, they may be able to weave a positive economic narrative. Communicating that message just might trigger the same kind of realignment that eventually created the Republican Party some 160 years ago.

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