03 March 2010

Nuke The Gay Unborn Whales For Jesus

Slate: Whatever Happened to the Whales? Did we save them?
Well, it all depends on what you mean by save.


RHKINC said...

Quite simply, wtf is with the title? Is that you're attempt at a funny solution to the problem? Hitler had a similar policy for Jews. Eugenics in regards to any kind of social engineering is a horrible notion to suggest.

Septimus said...

Aahh. The article in Slate is from a series of stories they are doing on how some social issues or causes are prevalent for a while, and then just disappear. Poof.

I thought this was interesting because back in the 80s, "Save The Whales" efforts were everywhere, were reported on, and involved a lot of people. (Including the Star Trek movie centered on saving the whales.)

The responses from smart asses at the time were bumper stickers that read "Nuke the Gay Whales" thereby making fun of the sincerity of the effort (and other social movements)at the time. This later was altered to "Nuke the Gay Unborn Whales" and eventually I saw a button (remember that people wore those back in the 80s?) that finally added the "For Jesus", completing the phrase...

This has been a private joke between me and Mrs. Septimus since then whenever she pokes fun of an earnestly advocated cause (including, and especially my own) by stating the phrase.

I do not, of course, actually support nuking gay unborn whales in the name of Jesus, even if one could be identified and targeted.