10 March 2010

Neither Party Has Direction Nor Is Liked

PJM: Who Will Lead the Country Back to the Basics?

With few exceptions, both parties want the same things: power and more of it. The words “of the political class, by the political class, and for the political class” pretty much exclude the rest of us.

The opportunities are there, just waiting to be seized.

The Democrats are fading fast and are rightly concerned that they will do poorly in the 2010 congressional elections without — or perhaps worse with — President Obama’s help. Even though the mainstream Republicans think they will do OK in the elections this year, and most likely will, they haven’t figured out which way to appear to lean either.

So long as both major parties are focused principally on their short-term tactical goals of winning the 2010 congressional elections, as distinguished from the long-term strategic goal of achieving what’s best for the future of the United States, neither is likely to focus on what needs to be done.

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