01 March 2010

More on McDonald v. Chicago

Reason.com: Getting the 14th Amendment Right
The Chicago gun case and the fight for economic liberty

In sum, the 14th Amendment was designed to protect an individualistic and market-oriented form of self-ownership, one that includes the right to armed self-defense, the right to private property, the right to liberty of contract, and the right to pursue an honest living free from arbitrary and unnecessary government interference.

And that’s why Tuesday’s arguments in McDonald v. Chicago matter for both gun rights and economic liberty.


Anonymous said...

Boy do you misunderstand the whig philosophy!

They were for local government, not interference from afar.

No Taxation without Representation is not about taxation, but the lack of representation in the decision to tax.

If you support McDonald against Chicago, you are closet Tories. You would love government from afar.

Septimus said...

No, I don't think so. The Constitution says what it says. While I prefer as much local decision-making as possible, local decisions must adhere to the Bill of Rights.