16 March 2010

Location Of Chinese Human Rights Lawyer Unknown

BBC: Mystery of missing Chinese lawyer Gao Zhisheng deepens

The mystery surrounding the disappearance of Chinese rights lawyer Gao Zhisheng continues following comments from China's foreign minister.

Mr Gao went missing at the beginning of last year. He was believed to be in police custody, but no-one knows for sure.

His case is unusual because there has been little official word on what has happened to him - apart from several contradictory comments from Chinese officials.
A Chinese foreign ministry spokesman said earlier this year that Mr Gao was "where he should be".

Last month, China's embassy in Washington told a US-based human rights group, the Dui Hua Foundation, said Mr Gao was working in Urumqi, a city in the far west of the country. The foreign minister's comments look set to deepen the speculation surrounding Gao Zhisheng.

From FreeGao.com: Missing By Force for Over One Year, where you can sign an petition demanding his release.

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