06 March 2010

LaRouche Democratic Candidate Welcomed

You can't control who joins your political party. Every political party has it's crazies. That is why I never like it when the media picks one outlier and attempts to tar an entire group. It is never really fair, even if it should be Republicans, Democrats, Tea Partiers, or especially Modern Whigs.

That being said, the defense of this person is remarkable. Note what the Harris County Democratic Chairman says about her and LaRouche. It is almost as if he is defending and welcoming the participation of LaRouch-ites in the Democratic party! I thought it bizarre at first, until I remembered once again, the sad mental state imposed by the two party system.

For in his mind, anyone who votes Democratic is welcome, regardless of purpose or principle, because the Republicans are a bigger enemy than any other concern. Even if that means encouraging LaRouche followers.

Houston Chronicle: This win seems to be out of right field
Democrat with ties to LaRouche calling for Obama to be impeached

Kesha Rogers called for the impeachment of President Barack Obama as the centerpiece of her campaign for Congress, and on Tuesday she won the nomination of her party.

The Democratic Party.

It was no stealth campaign. Rogers shouted it from a sound truck that cruised the four-county 22nd Congressional District. She posted an 18-foot banner emblazoned with the message “Save NASA. Impeach Obama” on street corners. Her Web site is filled with videos and periodic policy statements documenting her stand.

During the campaign, Rogers denounced warnings of global warming as imperialist genocide, proclaimed that London banking interests are bent on ruining America's economy and accused Obama of “pissing on the legacy of President John F. Kennedy” in proposing to end NASA's Constellation program.

“I can't believe that most people who voted for her knew that she wants to” impeach Obama, losing candidate Doug Blatt states on his Web site. “I do believe that most of them didn't do any research about the candidates before voting.”

One Democratic blogger already has posted instructions on how to de-select Rogers from a straight party ticket vote.

Rogers, 33, of Stafford, is a volunteer organizer for the LaRouche Youth Movement.

Lyndon LaRouche, 87, is an economist and frequent candidate for president who runs as a Democrat. Detractors call him a conspiracy theorist and cult leader. Supporters see him as a visionary willing to buck the establishment. He has run for president eight times since 1976, including a 1992 campaign from prison while serving five years of a 15-year mail fraud sentence.

“One of the things the LaRouchites are able to do is to engage young people,” said Gerry Birnberg, chairman of the Harris County Democratic Party. “If she can turn out young people to vote for Democrats, all the better.”

Birnberg said Rogers has much to commend her. He said his main objection to her candidacy is her association with LaRouche, and that if she instead held many of the same views but belonged to a group called “LBJ Democrats,” her ideas would appear much more mainstream.

Birnberg and Rogers both said much of LaRouche's economic thinking is in line with Franklin D. Roosevelt's, including investment in public works, separating commercial from investment banking and opposition to corporatism.

Rogers won a majority of the Democratic vote Tuesday against Blatt, a development analyst, and ordained minister Freddie John Wieder Jr.

Her Web site trumpets her victory with the headline: “The message is clear: Barack Obama has to go.”

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