03 March 2010

Dear House Ethics Committee: You Are All Worthless and Weak

They should drop and give us twenty.

Read the whole thing, about how the Ethics Committee assists members in avoiding ethics rules. Washington Post: Feckless on Ethics

But even by its own indulgent standards, the [House Ethics] committee reached new heights -- lows? -- of fecklessness last week as it brushed off complaints about lawmakers' acceptance of corporate-funded travel.

Rangel was wrist-slapped because the committee determined that he should have known the Caribbean jaunts he went on with other members of the Congressional Black Caucus were underwritten by corporations, in violation of House rules.

The New York Democrat's most serious ethics problems, trifles such as failing to declare income on taxes and financial disclosure forms, are still -- what a surprise! -- under review by the ethics committee.

But the Rangel-centric nature of the news coverage obscured the bigger story: the ethics committee's role as enabler of ethical violations.

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