02 March 2010

Hopefully Politicians Will Reap What They Sow

The Hill: 'Lawmaker' has become new dirty word on the campaign trail in 2010

If you want to run for higher office, the worst thing to put on your campaign mail might be the word “congressman.”

Members of Congress all over the country are struggling in their bids to pursue other offices and, in some cases, the sins of Washington are weighing heavily on their primary campaigns.

Gee, I wonder if the bad reputation is related to headlines like this: Must-pass bills falter in unpopular Congress as Dems blame Republicans . They are so busy squabbling they can't pass necessary, routine legislation. Not to mention the tolerance of corruption.

In the election of 2008, voters really did want change after the corruption and incompetency of the Republicans. The Democrats have provided ... well, incompetency and corruption.

So now the voters are lashing out, and seem to be against everyone. How about that?

The only problem, of course, is that the Republicans may be voted back in ...

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