18 March 2010

Health Care Vote Count Update

From The Hill, where they are regularly updating the vote count. Click the link for the full lists.

WHIP COUNT: House Democrats' positions on the healthcare reform bill

All House Republicans are expected to vote no.

If every member votes and all GOP lawmakers vote no, the maximum number of Democratic defections to pass a bill is 37, which would result in a 216-215 tally.

Firm No, Leaning No, Likely No (36)

Firm Yes (17)

Leaning Yes or Likely Yes (15)

Undecided (48)

Related news: Hispanic Dems will vote yes on healthcare
Half a dozen members of the CHC held a news conference to announce their support. They were unhappy with language that barred illegal immigrants from accessing the public health insurance exchanges. More than a dozen had threatened to vote against the Senate bill and its companion reconciliation package.

Some members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus had threatened to vote no unless the Senate's immigration-related provisions are changed. It looks like they changed their minds.

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