04 March 2010

Get To Know The Modern Whig Party

From the blog, Common Sense: Better Know a Third Party: Part 2

Modern Whig Party

The Modern Whig party bills itself as "a party for the rest of us". It was founded in 2008 by veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan. It is a centrist/moderate party that avoids the extremes from both ends of the political spectrum.

It currently has roughly 30,000 members, and has chapters in 27 states.

Their main issues are fiscal responsibility, social progression, energy independence, educational and scientific advancement, states' rights, and veterans' affairs.

They call themselves Modern Whigs after the now-defunct Whig Party of 19th century. Like the original Whig Party, the Modern Whig Party uses an owl as its logo.

In my opinion, the Modern Whig party is one of the most viable third parties in the United States today; if I felt that a Modern Whig was a better candidate than the Republican or Democrat in a local election, I would definitely vote for them.

Being a moderate, it pleases me to see a party of moderate ideology attract so many members. I encourage all of my readers to look into this party to see their ideas; even if you disagree with them as a whole, there is guaranteed to be at least one issue you'll agree with.

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