18 March 2010

A funny thing happened to me today

I was in an elevator with a woman and she didn't want to have sex with me. And the same thing happened in Amsterdam.

A union representing Dutch nurses will launch a national campaign on Friday
against demands for sexual services by patients who claim it should be part of
their standard care.

The union, NU'91, is calling the campaign "I Draw The Line Here," with an advert that features a young woman covering her face with crossed hands.

The union said in a statement on Thursday that the campaign follows a complaint it had received in the last week from a 24-year-old woman who said a 42-year-old disabled man asked her to provide sexual services as part of his care at home.

The young woman witnessed some of the man's other nurses offering him sexual gratification, the union said. When she refused to do the same, he tried to dismiss her on the grounds that she was unfit to provide care.

It is unclear if these issues are addressed in the proposed health care legislation.

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