13 March 2010

Free speech - a war of words

Free Speech is possibly the most important right of a free society. I have often thought it was no accident that it was the first amendment.

Here is an interesting article about the war we face.

A law firm in Saudi Arabia claims to represent thousands of descendants of the prophet Mohamed and is seeking apologies from the newspapers who have published the cartoons depicting Mohamed in less than noble fashion.

Several dozen potential responses to their request come to my mind, none of which contain an apology. In fact, they are all so offensive and expletive laced that decorum prohibits sharing them here.

Where were these several thousand descendants when terrorists took their prophet's name in vein and attacked thousands of our innocent citizens? Where was their outrage then?

Because I live in a free society I am free to draw cartoons of George W. Bush as a dunce and Obama as the joker. I can tell Jesus jokes and talk about Cheney being a trigger-happy grump. And I can open a restaurant and serve pork sandwiches on paper plates covered with Mohamed cartoons too.

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