05 March 2010

Dissatisfaction At Record High: Poll Shows Voters Aligned With Major Parties Continues To Decline

Rasmussen Reports: Partisan Trends
Partisan Trends: Number of Unaffiliated Voters Up, Both Major Parties Down

In February, the number of voters not affiliated with either major party increased by half a percentage point as both Republicans and Democrats lost further ground.
The number of Democrats declined slightly for the fourth straight month. At 35.1%, the number of Democrats is down slightly from a month ago,down six percentage points from a year ago, and is at the lowest level recorded in more than seven years of monthly tracking by Rasmussen Reports.

Also in February, the number of Republicans declined for the second straight month. At 32.1% the number of Republicans is down a point-and-a-half from a year ago but is in the middle of the range the party has occupied for the past two years.

The number of adults not affiliated with either major party is now up to 32.9%. That matches the all-time high recorded twice during the summer of 2007.

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