04 March 2010

Correlation Between A Large Government And Abuse Of Power

The Arena: From Jeanne Allen President, Center for Education Reform :
On Massa and Rangel:

Democrats don't have the corner on the corruption market. Nor are they the only party to vow to "throw the bums out." After living and working in the Washington political arena for my entire adult life, and yet maintaining a foothold in "real" America, it's becoming more and more clear that the kind of behavior that drags down everyone from Rangel to Massa to Paterson to Sanford is a result of the same kind of arrogance and greed that many argue was unique to Wall Street.

The halls of Congress and state capitals have become so fixed on money and power that they have become impervious to the people they serve. There's a clear and direct correlation between a large government and abuse of power, on every level.

That's what our Founders saw that led them to come here, and that's what they predicted if we did not keep the national government small and disciplined.

The result? Lots of guys running around without a sense of decorum or principle, and clearly without a sense of reality that they indeed will get caught. Most Americans live their lives honorably, pressed by family and money decisions that keep them grounded. That's a dose of reality too many of our political leaders have forgotten. It will catch up with them in the long run.

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