11 March 2010

Checking In With The Modern Whig Party

From The Modern Whig Party's Blog:

California: The Executive Committee is pleased to confirm the appointment of Robert Shelley as State Chairman for California. Andy Trinidad has decided to spearhead the movement of the Modern Whigs in the Los Angeles County area.

Robert Shelley is a retired Navyman, who has extensive experience in the aerospace industry. Robert has successfully organized the Modern Whig Party movement in the Riverside County area and is responsible for increasing the number of registered Whig voters in California.

Virginia: The Modern Whig Party of Virginia reports that it is now registered as a Political Action Committee. This status, among other items, allows the Virginia Whigs to accept donations as it continues to grow and develop.

The recent Virginia report can be viewed in full here that describes a number of benchmarks that the Virginia Whigs have met.

Georgia: The Georgia Whig Party is spearheading the cutting edge "Methodology over Ideology" element. This effort is being put to practice through several meetings throughout the state with members, prospective members, media, political activists, business leaders and others.

North Carolina: In North Carolina, recently approved chairperson John Chappelle has announced plans to develop a push into the state. The first Web site of the North Carolina Whigs can be viewed at http://www.ncmodernwhig.org/.

Nationally: The preceding updates are just a sample of the national efforts and activity that are being conducted by moderate, common-sense advocates that value rational solutions ahead of ideology and partisan bickering. These are people who, among other items, support general principles of fiscal responsibility, strong national defense, and scientific/educational advancement while also not focusing solely on strict social issues.

From the blog of the Hoosier Whigs (Indiana), Hard Cider:

While we are still in our infancy we believe we have some exciting developments in the works. Hoosier Whigs intends to become a non-for-profit, socionomic-political organization. Many of you may ask, "What does that mean?" First off, we intend of being more than just another "third party". Instead, we want to focus our efforts on not only political change, but social and economic reform as well. Politics, economics, and society form the three focal points of the social mechanism. This social mechanism is currently in disrepair and we want to present ourselves as a new generation of leaders intent on fixing the mechanism.

We are also retooling the website (http://hoosierwhigs.org) to help facilitate our structure. The system we are creating will take time, but the Modern Whigs have always been focused on a long-term program. New leaders are not created out of thin air, they are grown through dedication, nurturing, and cooperation. These will be the leaders we will eventually present to the electorate.This new system is very different from other systems that have been presented.

Over the next few months we will have a new website operating and the initial set of Guidebooks ready for distribution. Lastly, please remember that nothing we do is set in stone. As an organic organization we want each member to feel their input is important to our development. Suggestions are always welcome.

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