30 March 2010

Baseball season is near

Ahhhh baseball season again. Too bad the Astros have slept through the off season again. On the bright side, the team probably isn't trillions in debt to China for overspending on payroll. Seriously, if you take away Roy Oswalt and Lance "Chubs" Berkman, who have they got?

The rebuilding Washington Nationals are unveiling a new lefty on opening day, but he's only good for one pitch.

Major League Baseball announced Monday that President Obama will throw out the ceremonial first pitch April 5 at the Nationals' season opener against the visiting Philadelphia Phillies.

Obama's appearance marks the 100th anniversary of the first time a president inaugurated a season by throwing out the first pitch. William Howard Taft started the tradition on April 14, 1910, in a game between the Washington Senators and the
Philadelphia Athletics.

I like seeing the president do things like this. It's an endearing quality and I guess I'm sentamental about it. It will be interesting to see the crowds reaction.

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