22 February 2010

USA Wins, Canada Loses

I grew up in a part of the world that did not have hockey. I have watched exactly one hockey game in my entire life. I didn't understand it. I can't say that I am a fan.

But I was cheered when I saw that the USA beat Canada in hockey at the Olympics, for no other reason than that the Canadians really cared about the result. Ha, ha!

Canadian Press: Screaming fans turn sombre after Canada's Olympic hockey loss to U.S.

That's the nice thing about being an American and international sports. When you win, it's great, and when you lose, who cares?

And who isn't sick of Canada anyway? They're the reason all the product labels and instructions are in French.

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A Whig said...

You might find this article from the CBC amusing, it ties last night's game to our country's respective current economic conditions: