12 February 2010

This Fly Wants Out Of The Amber And What I Am Doing About It (and you can too)

Over the last two days, I have posted on how our political system has us all trapped Like A Fly Stuck In Amber.

The annoying persistence of the two main parties persist not because of ideology (See Like A Fly Stuck in Amber 2), and not because of public approval.
The two parties exist in spite of public opinion, because they are convenient to the needs of the politicians. The parties perpetuate a corrupt contribution-patronage industry that serves only themselves. Ballot access restrictions and gerrymandered districts are symptoms of this corrupt system.
One solution is campaign finance reform. But you can't sit around and wait for the corrupt to reform themselves. Until that happy day, some of us are working to hasten the day wherein politics represents the needs of the citizens, not of the politicians. I am referring to those of us who have declared our independence, and are advocating a third party.

Some may think we are wasting our time. Rather it is those who profess to be Democrats and Republicans who are wasting away politically. If you say you are a member of these two political dysfunctions, you are not a member as much as you are allowing yourself to be used. Do you have any real say or input in decisions? Or are you expected to cheer and clap?

The Democrats and Republicans together have brought our rich nation to the edge of bankruptcy. For this act alone, they should no longer be rewarded.

If you want out of being trapped in a hardened two party system, then come check out the Modern Whig Party. We are working to escape. Our goal is to create a real alternative.

We don't aim to be a flashy as the Tea Parties, but neither do we intend to be co-opted by one of the two parties. Unlike the Libertarians and the Greens, our ideas are not on the political fringes, but in the center, along with most Americans. We aim to develop solutions to the problems we are facing.

If you find yourself yearning for politics worthy of our great nation, then you will find like minded men and women who have are working towards that goal.

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