10 February 2010

Tee'd Over Tea Party Takeover?

While some seem interested in keeping the Tea Party out of the GOP's hands: Bottum Up Resistance to the GOP's Attempted Top Down Take Over of the Tea Party Movement
Others think it is already too late, and the party is over: Beginning Of The End: Sarah Palin Hijacks The Tea Party Movement

The movement, that came to be officially recognized almost a year ago but whose roots go back further than that, has been snuffed out and replaced in the public mind. The movement that began as a people’s movement of angry independent, libertarians and conservatives will now be thought as the movement of people like Palin, Dick Armey, Judson Phillips, Mark Skoda, etc. Essentially, a wholly owned subsidiary of the “Official Conservative Movement” and the Republican Party.

This new tea party bears no resemblance to the one that began a year ago as a reaction to the collapse of our financial system and the subsequent bailout. That movement of ragtag and unorganized libertarians, independents and conservatives was something new and unique.

This weren’t regular folks. This was the same old network of conservative hacks, flacks, publicists and hangers-on. This was Conservative Inc.

If you are disappointed in the Tea Party, don't get too upset. Remember, to many people, everything must fit into a Democratic-Republican narrative. And you can see that the powers-that-be have been working to undermine the Tea Party.

But if you remain more concerned about the future than in settling partisan scores of the past, in seeing our nation placed on a sound economic and financial future again; if you are troubled by the collusion of Washington and Wall Street, by the gap between rich and poor, by big corporations and selfish interests taking control of our government; if you are outraged that the concerns of regular people are ignored as our elites flourish; and if you are concerned about our schools, our economy, our liberties, and our politics, then go check out the Modern Whig Party.

We don't have a millionaire ex-Congressman donor controlling us, nor do we have a former VP nominee of the Republican party taking over. There is no central media figure dictating what we think or do.

Just a bunch of regular people from all over the country that decided on our own that it was time to get off our butts and to do what we can.

We are independent, and we are doing it on our own. Come check us out.

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