25 February 2010

States Expand Gun Rights

NY Times: Fearing Obama Agenda, States Push to Loosen Gun Laws

When President Obama took office, gun rights advocates sounded the alarm, warning that he intended to strip them of their arms and ammunition.

And yet the opposite is happening. Mr. Obama has been largely silent on the issue while states are engaged in a new and largely successful push for expanded gun rights, even passing measures that have been rejected in the past.

I think this is good to see. Instead of passively hoping that the judiciary will preserve their rights, the people and the legislatures are acting to ensure that the Right to Keep and Bear Arms has some real teeth.

On this issue at least, this is as it should be. It is good to see that people realize the necessity of our rights and that they must be preserved, as this is an important right if we are to remain a free and independent people.

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