06 February 2010

Reforms Proposed For Russia

Some of these reforms we could use here in the USA. Mulitparty democracy? Drastically reduced government involvement in business? Reducing corruption? Exactly following the Constitution? Sounds good to me.

I tried to find the text of the report in English online, but was unable to. The English language site of INSOR doesn't look like it has been updated since last November.

BBC: Russia 'needs radical reform'

The proposals, in "21st Century Russia: The image of the tomorrow we want" amount to a call for a reversal of many of the changes introduced in Russia in the last 10 years.

It is a striking document - all the more so because the Institute of Contemporary Development, which published it, has close ties to the Kremlin.
President Dmitry Medvedev chairs its board of trustees.

Yet this reads not like praise of past achievement - but like a catalogue of criticism. One section, "back to the constitution", even echoes an opposition slogan.

RT: Russia’s future: from research to reality

The Institute of Contemporary Development (INSOR), whose board of trustees is chaired by President Dmitry Medvedev, outlined its vision of the country’s future in a 66-page report entitled "21st Century Russia: the Image of Tomorrow We Want", which was released Wednesday.

First and foremost, according to the authors, the country’s political life should be modernized. “Human capital” is of immense value for future development, and it should be independent in its views, realistic and critical in its understanding of reality, dynamic and responsible. Those in power, for their part, should support and cultivate such qualities within society.

“New systems of values change the balance of the status of power and society, the state and humans,” the report reads. Thus, the power should serve the people and must be capable of being self-limiting.

“Now the country is us. Exactly according to the Constitution,” the report’s authors stated, adding that “human dignity” should be of “strategic importance”.

Also, the state needs an effective multi-party system with about 20 political parties representing various points of view.

The authors of the report “Russia in the 21st century, image of tomorrow” see Russia actively involved in all major global organizations such as the WTO and the Organisation for Economic Cooperation. Later, they see Russia becoming part of the European Union and NATO. However, they mention that before joining the EU, Russia should form a Common Market, there should be a free movement of goods and services, and transport systems should be integrated. Russia, they say, should also become a strategic partner of the US.

They say the recent rally in Kaliningrad, where more than 10,000 people rallied, is a vivid example that people no longer want to remain as observers in their own country, but want to participate in decisions regarding a better future for Russia.

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