11 February 2010

Radical Islamist Advance In Somalia

BBC: Somali rebels 'pour into Mogadishu'

Hundreds of Somali insurgents loyal to Islamist group al-Shabab have poured into Mogadishu with artillery and trucks, witnesses say.

Residents have been fleeing the capital for days amid a widespread belief that the rebels and government forces are on the cusp of a serious showdown.

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RHKINC said...

I feel including the recent events of 2,500 TFG (Somalia's government) forces from Kenya, plus troops trained in Djibouti, and a new contingent from the TFG's local efforts for a final plan to push the Islamic Radicals out of Mogadishu (should they get enough money and food to convince their new troops to move) are also in the city. In any case, when attacked the new TFG troops, regardless of money and food, will fight back for survival (or in an unfortunate case switch sides).