05 February 2010

Quit Feeding Democrats and Republicans

As any regular reader of this blog can tell, Poli-Tea is one of my favorite blogs. It is not really a humor site, but in a recent discussion of South Carolina's LT Governor Andre Bauer, in which the Republican gubernatorial candidate effectively compared families on government assistance with stray animals, I laughed out loud when I read this:

Further, should we not heed Bauer's grandmother's advice in partisan political terms as well?

The stray animals of our political order are, of course, not mangy cats and dogs, but rather the elephants and asses of the Republican and Democratic Parties, whose lust for power leaves no house or home un-scavenged.

Quit feeding these animals: because they breed. So long as they have a steady food supply, as measured in dollars donated and votes cast, they will continue to reproduce, especially those of them that don't think much further than the next election. We, the people, have to curtail this behavior because they don't know any better.


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