09 February 2010

Obama threatens Iran with 'significant sanctions'

No, no! Not that! Not, significant sanctions! Hark! What will we do?

That's right up there with double secret probation. It's no wonder Iran carries on defying the rest of the world. Sanctions have no teeth and the rest of the world is scared witless to do anything from a military standpoint.

US President Barack Obama said the United States is developing a
“significant regime of sanctions” against Iran, shortly after Tehran announced
its decision to start enriching uranium to a level of 20 percent. Obama stated
that Iran appears to have spurned his offer of engagement.

He also accused Iran of pursuing a nuclear program that would lead to
nuclear weapons. "They have made their choice so far, although the door is still
open," AP quoted Obama as telling reporters at the White House on Tuesday.


Scotty09 said...

That's because a military strike against Iran will erase any good we have done in the region...not to mention ALL experts say such strikes won't stop Iran's program just delay it..I too believe sanctions are largeless useless but there is little else to do..any strike against Iran will also solidify the regimes control and rally the people behind it and cripple the opposition movement..its a Catch 22 for the President..damned if he does and damned if he doesnt.

Septimus said...

If sanctions prohibited the imporation of gasoline, which Iran has to import, then sanctions would have an effect. A very quick one.

The question is whether our state department is capable of getting everyone on board.

Scotty09 said...

Well they better do it quick...a TIME article last year stated Iran is stockpiling extra Gasoline (at least 4 months worth) in anticipation of possible sanctions and have starting importing largely from China and weening itself off imports from western nations. The only problem with these type of sanctions is that Iran artifically keeps its domestic gas prices low by the use of subsidities but if these kinda of sanctions are done then it will give the regime an excuse to rise prices and they can blame the west for it and the people will believe it...every sanction is a double-edged sword..there is no silver bullet.

Septimus said...

Like the way Castro has used sanctions to keep himself in power.

War with Iran would be a nightmare. So is a nuclear-armed Iran.

I know how we got into this mess. No good options for getting out.

Scotty09 said...

Agreed...though I'm not a believer is the idea that a Nuclear Armed Iran will be the end of the world..so many claim that Iran is ruled by madmen but we know this isn't true..Iran's leaders may talk tough on Israel but they would never be stupid enough to launch a nuclear attack against Israel..Israel has hundreds of nuclear weapons and could destroy Iran if provoked...Iran's leaders maybe ultra religious but they're not stupid or suicidal..they would be no more dangerous with nuclear weapons than the Soviet Union was (dangerous yet but not stupid)..