19 February 2010

A New Cold War?

This time, with China. And I'm not so confident this time around that we will come out on top.
More than half of Chinese people questioned in a poll believe China
and America are heading for a new “cold war”.

The finding came after battles over Taiwan, Tibet, trade, climate change,
internet freedom and human rights which have poisoned relations in the three
months since President Barack Obama made a fruitless visit to Beijing.

According to diplomatic sources, a rancorous postmortem examination is
under way inside the US government, led by officials who think the president was
badly advised and was made to appear weak.

An independent survey of Chinese-language media for The Sunday Times has
found army and navy officers predicting a military showdown and political
leaders calling for China to sell more arms to America’s foes. The trigger for
their fury was Obama’s decision to sell $6.4 billion (£4 billion) worth of
weapons to Taiwan, the thriving democratic island that has ruled itself since

“We should retaliate with an eye for an eye and sell arms to Iran, North
Korea, Syria, Cuba and Venezuela,” declared Liu Menxiong, a member of the
Chinese people’s political consultative conference.

He added: “We have nothing to be afraid of. The North Koreans have stood up
to America and has anything happened to them? No. Iran stands up to America and
does disaster befall it? No.”

I think this has begun. This is what's at play over sanctions against Iran for their nuclear activities. There is much at stake on both ends to keep the relationship warm and friendly. I worry that our weak economic position with relation to China will harm us in the long run. I think China sees that as an opportunity and will pounce.

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RHKINC said...

You're being too narrow. It won't be a "cold war" style situation. With the expense major powers pay to deal with insurgencies directly in the modern era the "cold" part of the war would simply be no direct action against China or the U.S. However, a multi-polar world where Russia and China will engage their interests, being of historical toleration during the Cold War they will align, with India and Brazil compromising to work with the United States in its degrading economic state. We should email sometime to discuss this further.