24 February 2010

More On The Public Pensions Timebomb

Reason Online: Even More on The Coming War Over Public-Sector Pensions

Yes, public-sector jobs ofer more security than their private-sector counterparts, but compensation is also higher on average and the benefits, especially in retirement are gold-plated to the nines. That bargain, which is unsustainable economically, is going to hit the rocks.

The only question is: Who is going to pay? Taxpayers or the public-sector workers?

More here: More on The Coming War Over Public-Sector Pensions, here: Public Sector Drives Deep Into The Night and here: Class War (which I have linked to before), all from Reason Online.

Boy, they are really hammering away on this issue. I am glad someone is. It is a bit more important than Tiger Woods apologizing for screwing around.

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