26 February 2010

Modern Whig Party Organizes More States

Update from the Modern Whig Party: Modern Whigs the anti-Tea Party?

Revived by post-9/11 veterans & rejecting strict ideology, grassroots movement of moderates continues to move forward.

As the Democrats and Republicans continue to spiral into unprecedented depths of polarization, recent events have highlighted the Tea Party movement as merely a continuation of this ideological rift. The common denominator is that moderate, non-fringe and non-ideological voters are still left without a political home. The national DC-based Modern Whig Party is aiming to become the anti-Tea Party.

The Whig Party revival began as a series of political discussions among deployed American service members serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. When these men and women returned home, they realized that there is a substantial need for a mainstream, non-fringe political movement that caters to individuals that are not defined by ideology but rather common sense fiscal responsibility, strong national defense and a focus on education/scientific advancement over strict social issues among other items.

"The general idea of the Tea Parties better resonated when they were only about taxes and fiscal responsibility," Western Region Coordinator Andy Trinidad said.

"But that group, like the Ds and Rs, have now become completely entrenched in the games and tactics of personal attack politics and partisan bickering. Meanwhile, Modern Whig leaders have quietly been invited to assist in Democrat-led initiatives, as well as Republican endeavors, in addition to other non-partisan government and non-profit projects. As a result, independent-minded voters are becoming more aware of what we are attempting to accomplish."

"In addition, Modern Whigs are the type of common-sense advocates that may not necessarily go out and loudly protest in front of a megaphone, but they do pay attention, they do vote, and very likely do represent the true silent majority in the country."

After yet another quiet but profound recent surge in national membership, the National Executive Committee is pleased to announce the appointments of the following state leaders:

  • Robert Withers in Virginia;
  • Carl Thompson in West Virginia;
  • Kammie Lydick in South Carolina;
  • John Chapelle in North Carolina;
  • Tim Dills in Ohio;
  • Mike Gagnon in Pennsylvania;
  • Ben Pinault in Maine;
  • Mike Bergstrom in Nevada;
  • and Mike Larsen in Iowa.

These men and woman are among numerous established state and national leaders, and have been tasked with growing modern Whig networks in their home states and promoting the Modern Whig Philosophy, an alternative method of citizen participation in governance.

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