24 February 2010

Lobbying Boom Shows Need For Limited Government

The Hill: Democrats' ambitious legislative agenda pushes K Street salaries skyward

Lobbyists for healthcare, energy and financial interests had a banner year in 2009, with the average payout for each reaching as high as $177,000.

Despite his push to rein in special interests, President Barack Obama sparked a boom on K Street with major new proposals on healthcare, climate change and financial policies.

Lobbyists working in each of the three industries took home the most on average that they have in a decade, even when adjusted for inflation, according to analysis of the data by The Hill.

Yet another example of the need for limited government. Despite Obama's campaign promise to end business as usual in Washington, his efforts to expand government control and regulation has been a boom to those whose business is influencing and living off the largess of taxpayers.

If anyone in the Obama Administration had any experience in the private sector, they would realize that money talks. It is that simple. I am reminded of efforts to shame or chide the private sector made by Obama in the past. They just don't get it.

Their lack of any experience in the private sector is indicative that their motivation is skewed compared to you or me. They are about power and control, and money is either a means to an end or a by-product of having power and control.

This may sound questionable at first, but look at their careers. They chose government because it gave them a chance to control others. History has shown that this is a dangerous motivation. This is the reason that the rest of us must insist on limited government.

The founders had it figured out. The federal government is a cumbersome system, designed to stymie ambition by countering it with countervailing ambition. People who are motivated by control must be carefully watched and their power limited by a vigilant public.

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