22 February 2010

Joining The Ranks Of The Unemployed

I was laid off from my job last Thursday.

As some of you know who have tried to contact me, I was very busy after the holidays with work. I was traveling and was in court a lot so far this year. I was out of town, and in trial so much, that I had to lay off blogging early last week. My first day back in the office was last Thursday, and within minutes, the partner came in, told me he had laid off about half the remaining personnel, and I was one of them.

This was the third round of layoffs at the firm, which is a shadow of what it was just 18 months ago. At the peak, there were four attorneys, two contract attorneys, and fifty-five employees., with people working late and on weekends. It is now down to 12 employees, several of them now part-time, and two lawyers, with me available on a contract basis.

I was busy, but it wasn't enough. I thought I would be able to ride out the recession, but that turned out to just have been wishful thinking. Things just kept getting worse.

Ah, well, what can you do except to keep plugging away?

While it looks like I will now have plenty of time to blog, it has taken me a few days to get back in the mood. It's a shame I can't make any money at blogging. Also, the first few days of being unemployed is actually busy, but I expect that to die down rather quickly. I have always worked, even while I was in school, so the first couple of days of not having a job was a bit disorienting.

And no, the fact that millions of others are unemployed does not make me feel better.

But enough with my navel-gazing, feelings, and sharing. The blog will be getting back up to speed this week.

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